Mythic mobs

Integration with Mythic Mobs

How to hook mythic mobs to bloodmoon

Bloodmoon has a soft dependency with Mythic mobs. That means that Mythic Mobs is not required to be installed in order to run Bloodmoon advanced.

If you have Mythic mobs installed, it will automatically hook with Bloodmoon advanced.

In order to use a mythic mob, you first need to create a custom mob. The custom mob will only be used for defining things like spawn chance, boss and life cycles.You choose any mob type you want, as this will be overwritten by mythic mobs.

  1. create a custom mob with any name of your choice (you can use the same as the mythic mob)

/bm mob create <mobname> <mobtype>

2 . use the following command to mark your mob as a mythic mob

/bm mob set mythicmob <bloodmoonmobname> <mythicmob> 

Your custom mob is now hooked with a mythic mob.

Example config

    boss: true
    type: SHEEP
    lifecycle: chargedSheep
    mythicmob: StaticallyChargedSheep
    percentage: 10.0

As soon as your mythic mob is hooked with a custom mob, all bloodmoon properties will be overwritten except for the lifecycle , spawnchance and boss

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