Introduction to bloodmoon signs

What are bloodmoon Signs

Bloodmoon signs can be used to trigger certain actions in your world by interacting with a sign. These bloodmoon signs can be restricted for creating, using and destroying based on permissions.

How to use Bloodmoon signs

Bloodmoon signs can be created by putting [bloodmoon] on the first line.


Permissions are based on the action, and the type of sign the user is working with. There are 3 types of sign permissions:

  • create

  • destroy

  • use




Allow the player to create a bloodmoon sign


Allow the player to destroy all types of bloodmoon signs


Allow the player to use all types of bloodmoon signs

You can provide individual access to certain signs by giving them the appropriate permission node. Example: bloodmoon.sign.create.start , will allow the player to create a start sign.


In some cases, the permission node might go more specific. For example the "item" sign expects a third line containing the name of the item. Permissions can be used to restrict that.

In order to allow users to use all item signs, use bloodmoon.sign.use.item.*.

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