Quick and simple introduction to the bloodmoon mobs.

What are custom mobs?

Custom mobs are configurable mobs that allow you to completely personalize mobs including name, health, speed, etc ...

How to define a custom mob

If we take a look in the mobs.yml, we can take the following example:

    type: CREEPER
    name: '&cReinforced &2Creeper'
    percentage: 40.0
    health: 20.0
    speed: 0.3
    explosion-radius: 6
    lifecycle: reinforced-creeper

We have a custom mob named "reinforced-creeper". The type of that mob is CREEPER, the speed is 0.3 with a health of 20.

You can also see , it has a property "explosion-radius". If we take a closer look at this property, we can see that this property is specific to certain mob types only. In this case, it's only for the mob type CREEPER.

You can read more about properties by clicking here

Creating a mob using a command

The recommended way of creating mobs is using the commands. This will add all the necessary properties with default values.


/bloodmoon mob create harrythebee BEE
/bloodmoon mob set name harrythebee &4harry

The above command will create a new custom mob with id "harrythebee". The second command will set the display name of the mob to a custom name "Harry".

You can read more about mob commands by clicking here

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