Quick and simple introduction to the bloodmoon events.

What are events?

An event is a pre-defined action which will be executed with a certain chance. Events can be added to one or more actions.

What events are available?

Currently we have 10 events which can be used during the bloodmoon.

How do I use events?

Depending on the event, you might need different parameters in your config. Although it looks a bit complex to configure, you get used to it faster then you would expect.

Below you can see an example of an action using the Teleport Event

      - teleport 10 100
      - speak &4Try to catch me now! 100
    commands: []

Explanation: we have an action named "example-teleport". Our action has 2 events. The event we will be using is the teleport event. If we take a look at the Teleport Event page, we can see that it uses 2 arguments.

Argument 1: The radius in which the mob will teleport Argument 2: The percentage it will execute

So for the above example: whenever example-teleport is fired, our entity will teleport somewhere in a radius of 10 blocks. Since the percentage is set to 100, this action will always happen.

As we have another event "speak", with a percentage set to 100, both lines will always execute which will result in your mob saying : "Try to catch me now!" and a simultaneous teleport of your mob.

The percentage is a mandatory argument. No matter how many arguments you have, your line should always end with a number representing the chance in percentage the event will execute.

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