Introduction to custom items

About custom items

For every mob, you can define custom items. Custom items can have custom data, including display names with colors, but also enchanted items are possible.

How to define custom items

Custom items are defined in the "items.yml" file. Below you can seen an example of the items.yml config

  helmet: "DIAMOND_HELMET:0 1 protection:4 thorns:3"
  chestplate: "DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE:0 1 protection:4 thorns:3"
  leggings: "DIAMOND_LEGGINGS:0 1 protection:4 thorns:3"
  boots: "DIAMOND_BOOTS:0 1 protection:4 thorns:3"
  zombie-sword: "DIAMOND_SWORD:0 1 sharpness:5 fire_aspect:2"
  bow: "BOW:0 1 power:5"
  skelly-chestplate: "GOLDEN_CHESTPLATE:0 1 protection:4 thorns:3"
  wither-sword: "GOLDEN_SWORD:0 1 sharpness:2"
  super-stick: "STICK:0 sharpness:5"

Every item has a very static way of storing its data.

{item}:{damage} {amount} [name:{}, lore:{}, owner:{}, rgb:{}] [{enchantment}:{level}]

Configuring a custom item

the easiest way to configure a custom item is by using the commands. Start by getting the item you want to store in your hand. This item may contain custom lores, names, colors, etc ...

Use the following command to add the item:

/bloodmoon item set <name>

If you want to get an item instead of setting it, you can use the following command:

/bloodmoon item get <name>

If you need more information about item commands, click here

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