Use custom sounds

NEW FEATURE! Use non-existing Minecraft sounds in a bloodmoon event

Requirement: A clientbased/serverbased resourcepack

You can now use your very own sounds to spice things up in bloodmoon. This creates endless possibilities when a bloodmoon starts, when a mob dies and so on.

To use the custom sound, add the resourcepack to your server or client (depending on if its singleplayer or multiplayer). Then add the sound name inside Bloodmoon Advanced config.yml.

Reload the plugin with /bm reload and the sound will activate depending on which event you added the sound to. Make sure to check console for any errors. The errors might give you an indication if the soundname is wrong, or if the file is corrupted.

Check out the example from our showcase:

Minecraft sounds

You can still customize your bloodmoon server with already existing Minecraft sounds. These do not require a resourcepack.

A complete list of available sounds can be found here:

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