Bloodmoon Advanced

Welcome to bloodmoon advanced!

Welcome to the Bloodmoon Advanced Plugin docs!

Here you can find everything you need in order to configure and understand the bloodmoon plugin. After your verified your purchase with one of our admins, you may ask for premium support.

In case of any questions, reach out to us on our support discord channel.

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Below you can find a small list of all the features. For a full list of features, read the docs. Nearly all of the options are configurable and this list will only increase.

Mythic mobs supported

  • Custom mobs (name, health, speed, much more ...) including mythic mobs!

  • Custom items (display names, drop chances, ...)

  • Configure percentages for bloodmoon to occur

  • Multiple worlds are possible!

  • Add custom time based life cycles to custom mobs

  • Custom actions with choosen commands or pre-configured world events (teleports, dashes, etc)

  • Mob in blocks, when mining a certain block during bloodmoon, custom mobs might spawn

  • During bloodmoon, harvesting might fail

  • Traveling through portals is not possible during bloodmoon

  • Sleeping is not possible during bloodmoon

  • Thanks to the smart auto complete, creating new mobs, items , ... was never that easy!

  • Bell warning: When a bloodmoon is scheduled, you can hear the clocks far far away ... the next night, will be a bloodmoon ...

  • Custom resource pack with red moon!

  • All messages are configurable!

  • Run custom commands upon start and end!

  • Configurable difficulty during bloodmoon

  • Configurable sounds and effects for despawning mobs

  • Configurable lightning strikes on or near the player during a thunderstorm

  • Increase or decrease the spawn limit per chunk during the bloodmoon

  • ...

And so much more to discover!

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