Frequently Asked Questions

Bloodmoon is not starting in my world?

Please make sure you have added your world name in the config.yml in the enabled worlds section.

Can I disable mobs?

Yes you can! In mobs.yml you can set the percentage to 0.0 to disable the spawning.

Can I use portals during a bloodmoon?

As a server owner, you can configure if you want portals to be disabled.

Can I use beds during a bloodmoon?

No! You are you too afraid of the monsters and they will get you in your sleep!

There are too many mobs spawning, how can I change this?

In the config.yml, there is a property called "monster-spawn-limit". This property defines the maximum amount of mobs during the bloodmoon in one Chunk. You can reduce this property and type /bloodmoon reload to reload the config files.

My bell warning is not working

The bell warning is using the bell sound which is available as of version 1.14.

I get a warning "About a newer config version"

This means that your plugin version is not matching with the config version. In that case it means you are missing some new properties in the config file. In that case you can try to remove your old config or copy it directly from our docs section.

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